Compressed air systems are one of the most inefficient systems found in the industry and yet vastly used in all industrial plants such as dairy, plastic, paper etc, where it can constitute up to 20% of the overall energy consumption.

Augwind's solution provides a vast compressed air storage volume, specifically and optimally designed to meet the factory air consumption pattern, reducing the inherit compressed air system inefficiencies from both economical and ecological perspectives.

When integrated, Augwind's solution can save up to 50% of power consumption to the air delivery system. 

Augwind's units have managed to save millions of dollars of wasted energy by improving compressed air systems efficiency in addition to high operational benefits such as: pressure stabilization, improved air quality, and emergency compressed air storage


ENERGY SAVING, electricity saving, money saving, compressores efficiency, augwind

Augwinds units are actively saving energy in factories all across Israel. By allowing the compressors to work more efficiently, Augwinds units can reduce electricity consumption to the compressed air delivery system by up to 50%.

EMERGENCY RESERVOIR, energy storage, new energy storage solution

In case of a power outage or any other malfunction in the air compression system, Augwinds units can act as an emergency compressed air reservoir, supplying the system with compressed air until the compressors are brought back online.

CLEANER COMPRESSED AIR, compressores efficiency, augwind

Augwinds units provide the equipment with better quality compressed air than any other system can. By storing large amounts of compressed air, the units are able to consistently provide the equipment with cleaner, more stable and more precise air supply.

PEAK SHAVING, peak consumption time, electricity saving, efficiency, augwind

Augwind's units can be utilized to replace the compressors entirely during peak consumption times to reduce fines and evade higher electricity consumption costs

COMPRESSOR LONGEVITY, compressors efficiency

By mediating between the compressors and the machines, Augwinds units allow the compressors to work more efficiently, extending their half-life substantially.


Augwind CAES installation.jpgn

For each installation, Augwind designs custom layouts based on their client’s specific needs.

To meet the factory’s demands, units of different size and orientation are utilized, and one or more units may be required for maximum efficiency.


Once plans are in place, Augwind custom manufactures each unit on-demand.

Augwinds patented technology allows for low cost, high quality production using specialized materials designed to best contain immense amounts of pressure.

Augwind CAES installation

Before the units can be installed, the site is prepped for installation. Preparation requires pipes to be rerouted and installed to accommodate the units and efficiently supply the compressed air to the factory pipeline. Augwind’s prep work is non-destructive, pipes are run above ground with no need to change infrastructure.

Augwind CAES installation

Installation takes place over the course of about a week. First, workers dig in the ground, outside of the factory, and near the compressed air supply. Next, the units are lowered into their new home, and connected to the prepared infrastructure. Then, a layer of flexible concrete is poured to further strengthen the unit. Finally, the unit is buried under compacted soil, and the entire area is finished with concrete.  


The market volume for AirSmart in Israel is estimated at $100 million with an annual growth of 3%, while the global volume is estimated to be billions of dollars with industrial air compressor market revenue expected to surpass $24 billion by 2026.


In April 2016, the Israeli government approved a plan to promote the national target for greenhouse gas emissions, The State of Israel Committed to this plan in the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015. As part of the program, the Israeli government will grant energy efficiency projects.

Augwind's storage system enables its customers to reduce electricity consumption of compressed air in their plant and therefore, to perform energy efficiency processes that are reflected, among other things, in reducing greenhouse gases and emissions. Therefore, industrial establishments that choose to purchase Augwind's storage system may receive a participation grant of 20% of the product cost, granted by the State of Israel (under certain conditions, up to 40% while demonstrating the use of innovative Israeli technology).


Compressed air opportunities for businesses

Compressed air is very versatile and almost all industrial  businesses use it - In fact, over 10% of electricity supplied to industry is used to compress air.

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Working With Compressed Air

Compressed air systems are critical to a number of functions within a manufacturing facility. But poorly designed and maintained compressed air systems, by some estimates, account for up to $3.2 billion in wasted utility payments in the United States every year.

Assessment of the Market for Compressed Air Efficiency Services

The objective of this report is to provide a comprehensive and balanced view of the market for engineering and consulting services to improve the energy efficiency of plant compressed air systems.