Augwind is an Israeli technology company founded in 2012 by Dr. Or Yogev, with the mission to develop an alternative solution to energy storage. Augwind developed a unique method and process for underground gas storage at high pressure in a safe, cost-effective manner.

Augwind's core technology is the basis for two lines of products- The AirSmart energy efficiency system for industrial applications, commercialized since 2016 with over 50 installations at the largest industries in Israel, and the AirBattery energy storage system- A novel combination of pumped hydro and compressed air energy storage, with a unique value proposition for renewable energy integration.

The company took it's first steps at "Capital Nature" technology incubator, where it first developed and commercialized the AirSmart energy efficiency system. In 2019, the company completed a merging process with a public company called “Biomedico Hadarim” (currently named Augwind Energy), and is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


Augwind is actively installing and maintaining operational compressed air storage units throughout Israel, effectively saving millions of dollars with tens of thousands cycles. This experience has refined Augwind's understanding of the energy industry, and built it's delivery capabilities to a point where we are ready to apply our knowledge to commercialize and implement the next stage in the energy storage evolution.

Backed by significant support from the Chief Scientist of Israel and the European Union, Augwind took major steps in developing and commercializing it's patented technologies. The AirBattery energy storage system has secured 166MWh projects in Israel and is now tapping into international markets, the AirSmart is now available in the U.S and European countries, contributing to the reduction of industrial CO2 emissions. Looking forward, with our vision, roadmap and ongoing ventures- We are proud to be at the fore-front of the global effort for a cleaner and more sustainable future!


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Dr. Or Yogev


Dr. Or Yogev founded AUGWIND and has been the company’s CEO since it was founded in 2012. Or received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and applied computational mathematics at the California Institute of Technology. Or has vast experience in the energy industry with extensive research and development expertise. He is considered an expert in the fields of computational analysis, machine design, and thermodynamics.

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Gabi Seligsohn

Executive Chairman

Gabi Seligsohn, a seasoned executive specializing in delivering transformational growth to hi-tech-companies, joined us as Executive Chairman April 1st, 2021.  Gabi served as the CEO of Kornit Digital Ltd. (Nasdaq: KRNT) where he led its successful IPO, and as the President and CEO of Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (Nasdaq: NVMI). Under his leadership both companies became market leaders in their field, generating high levels of profitability and shareholder value. Mr. Seligsohn was voted Chief Executive Officer of the year 2010 for hi-tech industries by the Israeli Institute of Management. He serves as a director on the boards of Nasdaq: KRNT, RDWR, IACA, IACB and holds an LL.B. degree from the University of Reading, England.

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Tamir Vieman

Chief Financial Officer

Tamir Vieman acts as Chief Financial Officer at AUGWIND. Tamir has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Prior to joining AUGWIND, Tamir worked as a CPA at Ernst & Young IL and as an Accounting Lecturer at the Open University. Tamir held numerous positions at Union Bank IL and was previously CFO at an Israeli company Compare Ninja.